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What can I expect?  
During the initial session we explore the issue(s) that has brought you to counseling. We set goals based on what you see the challenges to be and how you envision change towards healthy living in your life. We engage in talk therapy and possible complementary and/or alternative techniques within your comfort level and ability.

How long is a session?
Sessions are approximately one hour in length.

What are alternative/complementary strategies that may be used?
Talk therapy is the traditional therapy used in counseling.  It involves exploring issues and solutions through discussion between the therapist and client.  Complementary/ alternative techniques include visualization, meditation practices, yoga and techniques that involve unblocking personal and physical energy. Any of these practices may be used to the comfort, willingness and ability of the client.  

Is there a fee?

Wellness counseling is fee-for-service. While it is not covered by OHIP, some insurance plans and a number of workplaces do cover the cost of individual counseling by a registered social worker. Please consult your employee benefits package.

What might a group event include?

Presentations, workshops, groups, and retreats may include any or all of the following: didactic talk, educational materials, experiential activities, meditation, yoga. Individual requests will be customized for your group.

Is there a fee?

Workshops/ retreats and groups fees vary. Please refer to each specific event or contact me to discuss cost for private events.

How do I get started? 
Please contact me to discuss your individual or group needs.