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Choose Wellness
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Valerie Spironello, MSW, RSW, offers wellness counseling and professional workshops using a variety of modalities and techniques. During Valerie's over 25 years as a social worker, she discovered the importance of looking at difficulties and problems using a holistic approach. People are much better equipped to deal with the struggles and changes we encounter if we feel whole and healthy in our body, mind and spirit. We become more resilient to life’s challenges.
Issues may include but are not limited to: wellness, compassion fatigue, life transitions, relationship challenges, sexuality, bereavement, health problems, work/life balance.

Services include*:
• Individual and family counseling
• Groups focusing on wellness in body, mind and spirit groups
• Presentations/workshops related to compassion fatigue/ wellness/ mindfulness/ end-of-life care
• Retreats (weekend/one day)
• Meditation instruction (individual, groups)
• Teaching in Transformative Mindfulness techniques

*While these are offered as open sessions at various times during the year, groups, workshops, presentations, and retreats are also available to private/professional groups tailored to your needs.

She has a keen interest in the impact of compassion fatigue on health care and social service providers. She uses a holistic approach to identifying and offering practical solutions to compassion fatigue. She offers training on how to incorporate mindfulness and mindfulness techniques in both personal relationships and clinical practice.

Valerie offers counseling using talk therapy along with complementary/alternative practices such as visualization, meditation, nutrition and energy techniques to assist people who are interested in health of body, mind and spirit.

Valerie offers wellness groups that focus on facilitating health of body, mind and spirit. A variety of topics related to wellness are offered. Groups are experiential in nature and assist participants to develop concrete plans for living well and balanced lives. Please contact Valerie for information on current group events.

Valerie offers presentations and workshops on topics such as compassion fatigue, end-of-life care, work/life balance, and wellness. Small and large group activities are often incorporated so that participants are able to self-assess their level of well-being and develop self-care plans to assist them in living well.

Valerie leads retreats throughout the year incorporating meditation, yoga and self-exploration as it relates to increased wellness of body, mind and spirit.

Valerie offers meditation classes at various locations. Individual or private group instruction is also available

Choose Wellness provides a safe, positive space.